Since you stumbled upon our page, we can only assume that you have an interest in both health and delicious things. Buddha Butter is both!

The brilliant idea of Buddha Butter was born from 3 eager American girls wanting to bring this favorite food staple from their native land to Barcelona. Nut butter is not a new concept in countries like the U.S. and many others throughout Europe, yet it is a newer concept in Spain. Which is why we’ve taken on the task of spreading the news about this nutty goodness throughout our second home.

Here are a few reasons why we just cannot live without our nut butters:

  • It provides healthy, vegan protein (8gr in 2 tbsp) that helps your body build muscle and keeps you full throughout the day.
  • It contains mono and polyunsaturated fats that help lower your cholesterol levels and protects against heart attacks.
  • Even more, nuts have been proven to have antiarrhythmic and antiseizure effects. People who eat more nuts have less heart attacks and strokes.
  • Nuts help you lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, nuts help you stay slim. Plenty of studies have proven an inverse relation between nut consumption and body mass index. There are several reasons for this, but a key one is that the fat in nuts does not get absorbed by the body, so even though the calorie count is high, you are not absorbing all of the calories.
  • Nuts reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Studies have shown that if you eat 1 ounce of nuts 5 times a week, your chance of developing diabetes goes down by 27%.
  • Peanut products (including peanut butter) have high concentrations of polyunsaturated fatty acids and an antioxidant called beta-sitosterol. Beta-sisosterol has been shown in studies to prevent the replication of cancer cells.
  • Nuts and nut butter are delicious!

No matter how you choose to eat your nut butter: on bread, on an apple, banana or celery, in oatmeal, or even by itself with a spoon (we’re not judging you, we do it all the time…) nut butter is a tasty way to keep yourself full, healthy and happy throughout the day.

A few of our favorite ways to enjoy Buddha Butter:

– Spread a generous helping of Buddha Butter on a banana for a protein-filled breakfast or snack.
– Use Buddha Butter to add substance, protein, and taste to your morning oatmeal.
– Simply dip apple slices in Buddha Butter and enjoy!
– Make a good old peanut butter and jelly sandwich (add apple slices for a little crunch)
– Spread Buddha butter on celery

These are just a few of the numerous health benefits and ways to eat nut butter. Continue following us for more new recipes, tips, and information on this delicious addition to your diet!

xx – Team Bb.

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