All of our nut butters are made from hand selected, 100% natural ingredients.

Whenever possible, our nuts are locally sourced (it just so happens that Spain’s climate does not allow for the cultivation of certain kinds of nuts; so in those instances, we look for the most environmentally respectful farms and providers). We taste and try each provider’s products before moving them into our test kitchen. The use of other oils, such as coconut or sunflower, are treated as luxury ingredients and thus used sparingly–keeping the purist oil to grain ratio as well as establishing a unique texture to our blends. A small amount of high quality sea salt is also added to enhance the natural flavors of the nuts themselves–seeing as they are the “stars of the jars” as we like to say!

What makes Buddha Butter blends artisanal?

At the Buddha Butter test kitchen, we pride ourselves on treating each batch with the utmost respect for our end product and final consumer. Each time we toast cashews, grind peanuts, or sample different almonds from Catalunya, we are striving to improve our technique and flavor. We are proud to have discovered the real art form of making masterfully mixed nut butters, and as our Co-founder Vanessa would say…”We are obsessed.”

What makes Buddha Butter blends a more conscious choice?

All the Co-founders of Buddha Butter are healthy-minded women who place a well-balanced lifestyle and personal fitness as their highest priority. Yet it doesn’t stop there! They want the rest of the community to open their hearts and taste buds to using nuts as a source of vegan protein and satiating healthy fats. While it is a small change–to savor a spoonful of protein-packed nut butter verse consuming any other meat or animal product, it is a huge step in telling the global market: we want sustainable food, and food that will keep us healthy without harming another animal!

Our current production of nut butters is limited while we work on the perfect blend and nutty combinations.  Please be patient while we set up our e-shop.

In the meantime,  you can pop into Barcelona Food Makers to pick up a jar (please call ahead to make sure they have some in stock!).

Also, if you’d like to place a specific blend or nut butter order, or inquire about selling Bb at your shop, restaurant, or event, please fill out the contact form below: