Buddha-Butter-Bri-1The story of Buddha Butter is really quite simple. It all began with three American girls, let’s call them V, B, & R living in Barcelona, longing for their beloved nut butters from afar.

After deciding that it just wasn’t practical to fill their suitcases with nut butters every time they visited the States, they took matters into their own hands.

Filled with curiosity and optimism, the girls would crowd around V’s little food processor on Friday nights, waiting very patiently (a good 40 minutes for one batch!) as that trusty machine would slowly transform the nuts into a creamy, velvety paste. With excited spoons awaiting in hand, few times did the resulting nut butter ever make it to any jars. The girls knew they were creating something special and wanted to share their love for their nutty blends with others. And so came about the formation of the Buddha Butter brand.

Since the early days of experimentation in the kitchen, their project has continued to evolve and grow thanks to the combination of each girl’s dedication and shared love for this venture. And with a bit of an upgrade in stronger equipment, V’s little food processor has happily been able to retire early!

Seeing as all three girls have a passion for leading healthy and active lifestyles (we are yoga and pilates teachers afterall!), destiny picked the right women to carry out the task of becoming nut butter experts. Now, the trio make it their mission to “spread” the word about this delicious and nutritious treat to the locals of Barcelona, as well as to those already fans of nut butter on this side of the pond. Along with being SO yummy, nut butters are loaded with healthy protein, fats and vitamins (you can read more about that here!). Who could resist that??

We hope you will love what we have created just as much as we do!